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What insults are unique in your language?

“Mange tes morts”
literally it is Eat your deaths.
But it means, eat your ancestors who are dead.
HannibalAteMeOut · 18-21, F
Γαμώ το μουνί που σε πέταγε and θα μου κλάσεις τα αρχίδια
Gusman · 56-60, MVIP
Ya Flamin Galah - What a Fool
Bite your arse – shut up, be quiet
Morvoren · 26-30, F
Tuss. It’s Cornish a word for an erection but youre basically calling someone a dick.
[b]trdlo[/b] - means a dolt/clumsy person. Literally: a wooden pole on which you cook specific kind of pastry
[b]tĺk[/b] - means a stupid person, literally: a meat beater
[b]chumaj[/b] - a clumsy or stupid/inapt person
[b]cibazol[/b] - a clumsy/inapt person, literally: an old drug containing Sulfathiazole once sold by the company called Ciba
[b]fiťfiriť[/b] - unreliable and untrustworthy person good for nothing
[b]neokrôchanec[/b] - means a boor - a person who doesn't know how to behave, a bad mannered person
[b]odkundes[/b] - a person nobody knows nothing about and everyone suspects he's got some questionable background
[b]ochechula[/b] - old woman who tries hard to look young - unsuccessfully
[b]zdochliak[/b] - a lazy person

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