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I Cant Stand The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

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I was stuck in a vehicle today with someone who smokes. Oh my gosh it was so awful. I seriously want to throw up. Plus my throat was bothering me already. I want to soak in a bath so badly right now. Please have the decency to ask before lighting up....
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22-25, F
8 replies
Dec 13, 2017
I can't breathe when I smell it. I've actually turned this bad smell into a game I call "Who's smoking?" Whenever I'm in public, and I smell cigarette smoke, I look around to find the culprit. That's it lol and then...
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18-21, F
4 replies
Oct 22, 2015
Smoking is just disgusting period. I can't make you stop but steer well clear if you do.
22-25, M
1 reply
Jan 11, 2014
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I Cant Stand The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke
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Updated: 4 mths ago
Categories: Health
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