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I Lack Self Control

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I'm a married woman who's husband is out of town. I stopped into a bar this evening with a friend to see the end of the UNC football game. We left about 4 beers later and were walked to our car by the guys we were sitting with. One wanted a goodnight kiss... what's wrong with a little kiss anyway. I think he kisses everything I have several times. I managed to pull away before I yielded everything, but it wasn't easy, and I feel like I'm on fire.
26-30, F
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Sep 24, 2016
Sounds like you should not be visiting bars. Self control is easier before the beer.
McNaughty · 26-30, F
How well I know, but you don't expect to be out in those situations. It was careless.
TheSaint · M
@McNaughty: bragging about it is careless seeking approval to do it and more is stupid!
McNaughty · 26-30, F
@Angel01: thanks for your thoughtful comments.
Pherick · 36-40, M
Glad you were able to stop, but sounds like it was a bit of fun ...
McNaughty · 26-30, F
bhatjc · 41-45, M
@McNaughty: As hot as you are
12bknotted · 36-40, F
@McNaughty: YOLO
This message was deleted by its author.
McNaughty · 26-30, F
It's been a long while since I have felt anything like that.
badassgent · 41-45, M
oh wow.. :) you sexy girl.. should be so painful for the guy, leaving him like that. if i was him, i would call you back for more.. lol.. for the [i]everything[/i] you mention
badassgent · 41-45, M
@McNaughty: can we chat? you ignored my messages. I'd like to chat with you if that's ok with ya too..
McNaughty · 26-30, F
Sorry, I don't remember any message from you.
badassgent · 41-45, M
did you check your spam folder?.. lol.. god knows what happened to them. maybe you deleted a group of messages.. you gotta send me a message for the chat, i can't send ya anymore
anotherclone · 31-35, M
he kisses everything ?you mean the table, the restroom wall...
Synner · M
Sound harmless......until you follow your impulses.
McNaughty · 26-30, F
Yeah - that's true. I shouldn't get myself if those kinds of situations.
plainlover2002 · 56-60, M
Lucky frustrated guy.
McNaughty · 26-30, F
@plainlover2002: well, I hope I don't find out how it is coming back up.
plainlover2002 · 56-60, M
Just your head the next day.
bhatjc · 41-45, M
@plainlover2002: Good point man
zerofuks2give · 36-40, M
Well your username definitely seems appropriate lol
McNaughty · 26-30, F
Well, that's just my online persona. I'm pretty reserved usually in my real life. Sometimes I do get carried away tho :)
zerofuks2give · 36-40, M
@McNaughty: same. I'm very well-behaved until you get a few drinks in me LOL
McNaughty · 26-30, F
@zerofuks2give: Haha - yep
jennypenny · 70-79, F
Glad you managed to pull away but you put yourself in a very bad position - bad for your marriage too! And all for a jerk who kisses every one.
jenniferd78 · 41-45, F
My husband is military so I can relate when he's gone
kinkymech · M
but do you go out and party and find yourself in this situation?
jenniferd78 · 41-45, F
@kinkymech: I have yes
[@372808,jenniferd78] Everyone needs a release now an then ;)

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I Lack Self Control
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