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I Am Angry

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How do I even handle this?
Got a notification from my bank that my credit card was charged $756.25 on Amazon. I'm here freaking out because I'm thinking someone defrauded me.'s my kids! Took my card and went on a shopping spree 馃槕 I left my wallet on the countertop and forgot to take it up

They'd never do crap like this to their mom
PerfectIllusion41-45, F
I thought you were going on your trip this weekend? How'd you forget your wallet?馃
JustA36-40, M
[@393289,PerfectIllusion] I actually have several wallets but decided I didn't need to take that one. The thing is, I thought I put that one away but because I was in such a hurry..I left it on the countertop. Their grandmother is staying at the house with them

So.. you鈥檙e the proud owner of a new PS5?
Unauthorised transaction - get your bank to recall the money
[@1144322,JustA] So it鈥檚 simple - if Amazon say it鈥檚 too late to cancel because the order is despatching/despatched, then wait until the parcel arrives & refuse to accept it - in which case, it will be returned to the Amazon fulfilment centre. Under distance selling regulations, you have the right to cancel right up to & beyond, the point of delivery. There鈥檚 no way I鈥檇 allow those kids to get away with that. Get your money refunded, cancel your card & don鈥檛 give them your new card details
JustA36-40, M
[@561899,BalmyNites] it didn't go that far so I'll get my money back. I made them cancel the order and now they're all grounded.
[@1144322,JustA] That鈥檚 good to hear
curiosi56-60, F
Give them chores to work off their debt.
JustA36-40, M
[@423488,curiosi] 馃槀
Leggs41-45, F
[@423488,curiosi] Trying to get kids to do chores is like pulling teeth.
[@1073121,Leggs] Or herding cats.....
MeepMeep26-30, F
You can cancel orders on Amazon hahaha
JustA36-40, M
[@849619,MeepMeep] that's EXACTLY what I did
Foreverrunning22-25, F
I鈥檇 be beating some kids 馃槀
I use to take my dads money all the time. What is he going to do? Call the cops? 馃槄
[@25627,Selah] You鈥檙e lucky he didn鈥檛 beat your butt. 馃え
Leggs41-45, F
[@327405,theOnebianyouwerewarnedabout] Fucker I was going to say, "Time to beat some serious ass" but you beat me to it.
Paintedfox36-40, F
Lol my 6 year old did this to me recently. Bought $300 worth of games on amazon and then a photo book of all his goofy doodles, which I have to admit was pretty funny. He was at his dads house though, not being watched, so his dad paid me back. He knows better now, but I still cant help but laugh.

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