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I Have Random Thoughts

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Does being happy with your life mean that your previous selves can look at your current one and feel satisfied, and your current self look at the former ones and do the same?

My old selves would be sneer at some of the things I enjoy now, at my work,probably at my political views, but they would be glad to see I have found true love and (most of the times) inner peace.

There are old selves I can look at with affection, and others that I prefer not to look at. Can a person be glad of what they used to be in every past stage of their lives? I think such acceptance only comes when we see death is close.
46-50, M
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Jul 12, 2019
poses · 41-45, M
I'm not happy, but have found some happiness, and I have noticed in time, it's way less when I focus on where I was, who I was, who I am to be, especially if I think that me is only going to find where he was, like a destiny or fate

It's actually reach much easier, let life happen as it happens. If you feel happiness don't philosophize it to death. And I have been through two very difficult deaths in my life.
kingkyri · 56-60, M
If things are okay there's usual always a form of personal growth, if right this indeed only just stops when we die.😉
As we grow and evolve over time, I think self acceptance is key to mental health. I often feel sorry for my past self. And if I see that girl again, I would give her a hug and tell her not to worry because things will turn out ok. Probably I will tell her not to be afraid to be more assertive, to not absorb everything quietly.
Cierzo · 46-50, M
[@1551,novembermoon] It is. I don't think complete self-acceptance may happen during our lifetime, but self-acceptance being larger than self-rejection is certsinly key to be mentally healthy.
Sssslm · 31-35, F
Some people do not accept themselves even when they get older, acceptance is not natural for everyone. This process takes time. It is building up with time like any other skills, not because you are losing time.

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