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Is education necessary for success?
26-30, M
+ 1 38 replies 25 views Nov 1, 2016 |
AnukBinary · 36-40, M
Yes its the best way
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
Umm best?
AnukBinary · 36-40, M
@littlewonder1990: oh sorry bestest😁
Along the way. You need a bit.

Drive. Ambition. Tenacity.

They'll get you more than half way though.
Iamofnothing · 18-21, M
Well of course. Education is the building block to success. You need some knowledge before you can actually get yourself going.
Picklebobble · 51-55, M
Sum ejucayshon iz gud but two much just mayks yer ed big an mayks yer opinyunated !
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
@Umile18: what was his point? 😮
@littlewonder1990: You can still put your point across without much education, but the minimum would be better. Lol. 😊
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
@Umile18: Okay. He must be falling asleep cause his letters are all jumbled up 😁
Education comes in all forms. It's hard to avoid if your up for learning. And hard to get by if you try to avoid.

But don't measure a persons success by the education they gave received. Measure it by what they do with themselves and how happy they are.
Love that last bit. 👌❤😊
Thanks! 🤗😊@Umile18:
@JoanieNewHampshire: Welcome.😊
sexyalyssagurl · 41-45, T
No. Just kill leader. Take place of leader. Get success. Easy. Bash leader over head. Then you leader. Yes I think some education is necessary for success. It teaches things that work and gives you an opportunity to learn from your own mistakes. Not everything we learn is needed but a lot of it is.
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
Agreed. Not killing the leader part but some education is needed part 😁
There's a difference between being educated and being smart. Education has zero to do with how much coal you have in the stove. The world is filled with unemployed educated people.
@littlewonder1990: Waste of time. I make a lawyers income on a high school diploma.
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
So there is a diploma. You got an academic education.
I learned to read and write. Not exactly higher education.
Picklebobble · 51-55, M
No. Since most successful folk are either business savvy or creative in their own fields.
Nothing to suggest education played any part in it.
@littlewonder1990: what is "real education"?
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M
@JoanieNewHampshire: to me its not just academic knowledge but a way to be more wise.Most of us want good college with practical learning to make a living in this world.
@littlewonder1990: everyone desires and deserves access if they strive for it. Regardless of where it comes from. Looking towards today's corporate world for that Succees IS going need a sheep skin to get through the door and further education in what ever career choices you make. This is all true. And thats where most look. As pickle bobble suggests. It isn't always necessary for those savvy enough to gain success on thier own. The simply requires effort to do what you are willing to do to a point in which you feel Successful. Measuring your Succees by another's is often a failure.
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
🤔 No but it leaves room for you to improve and find out what you're good at and want to do in life.
Silverfox420 · 36-40, F
littlewonder1990 · 26-30, M

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