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But I’m scared to trade!

Lol someone help me learn it all, how’d you start out did you just jump in or did you read?
Even when I read I’m confused by certain words like liquidate.. and a few more. Teach me the basics!
Also opinions on game stop? Or amc? Help😭😂
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read the motley fool. gather together some money. buy strong companies with products you use and believe in. don't get sucked into quick trades.
[@887863,dirge] games top was a risky buy @$4. now its poised to wipe out a ton of people
ScrewYou · 22-25, F
[@887863,dirge] Thank you for the advice!!
[@1054981,ScrewYou] 'bear' markets are scary, falling prices on everything. 'bull' markets are possibly equally scary, rushing upwards in price. you can make money in either way ('shorting' a stock mean effectively taking a loan out on the price of the stock, then paying for it later. so if I take a loan based on say gamestop now for 1000 shares at $300, then the stock drops back to $4, when I pay it... I'm handing back $4k for a 300k loan. all that said, shorting a stock is wildly dangerous and I've never done one. nor would I suggest anyone to do them. with straight forward investing, there's a hard limit of what you can lose. if you put $200 into gamestop @$4, you could lose $200. that's it. if you'd shorted 50 shares of gamestop @$4 you'd be looking at a loss of around... $15k if the stock was called at $304.)
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
You're really lucky just to have enough 'free money' to invest. Most people don't.
ScrewYou · 22-25, F
[@830706,zonavar68] how do you know what I have or don’t have?👀😂😂😂💀
Asificair · M
Yooooouuuuuu tube?
I've been researching investing on my own for years. It's not supper complicated.
ScrewYou · 22-25, F
[@1111270,CleverFunnyNameGoesHere] I get confused trying to read like what’s bearish or bull markets. I know some basics I think then words like that stump me, I need to use google Hahha. I just wanted to chat here😂
[@1054981,ScrewYou] oh. Bear and bull are stupid. You don't need to know slang to invest. Those only deal with generalities. Research the specific mechanics of how to invest with specific stocks. Choose things from a variety of industries. Liquidate just means to sell all your stocks, properties, and resources so all your wealth is in cash.
tenente · 90-99, M
I know this GameStop stuff is funny, but you have to remember this is hurting real people who own multiple boats 🤔

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