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It’s Nature

Went for a walk with my new girlfriend and we saw two dogs mating. She said 'How does the male know when the female is ready for sex?'

I replied he can smell she is ready, thats how nature works!
We then walked past a sheep field and the ram was mating the yew, again my girlfreind asked how the ram knew when the ewe was ready for sex.

I replied 'It's nature, he can smell she is ready'!
We then went past a cow field and the bull was mating the cow, my girlfriend said 'This is odd, they are all at it, surely the bull can’t smell when she is ready', and I said 'Look, its nature. All animals can smell when the female is ready for sex'.

Anyway, after the walk I dropped her home and kissed her goodbye, and she said,'See you soon. I hope your cold gets better!’
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DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Why did I see that coming?

Yet you should have asked how do the bees know when the flowers are ready for sex! 😈
Rusham · M
Lol. Good point. But as you a friend I know the truth is all about the birds and the bees. [@412417,DeWayfarer]

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