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Kindheartedguy · 46-50, M
Don't you write all the time about how much you hate the people in your country?
Cierzo · M
I criticise things about my country a lot, but it does not mean I hate it. It is the opposite. If I do it's because I know things could be much better
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This makes me wonder about people who migrate out of their country, and become citizens in another, probably one in which they become a minority. Sometimes people move because of an oppressive political regime. In such a case, the country is more the regime than the culture. No matter how developed or successful the country becomes later on, the person may feel no affection for the country because he feels too many personal freedoms had been sacrificed in the making. We see this in many first generation Chinese who migrated to the west.

I despise more the ones who hate their culture. That is something I cannot understand. I do not take kindly to people not knowing their native language and customs. Such ones are like seeds blown by the wind, having wings but no roots. I do not like people who adapt too easily. They scare me. A Chinese person who does not speak a word of Chinese and loves all things western is to me like a banana- yellow on the outside and white on the inside. No, I don't like bananas at all.
Sssslm · 31-35, F
@novembermoon: i read 1984 in 2nd school. there was one incident about the big brother eradicating words to control people's mind. there was a guy who thought this move was genious, because when they no longer had the word freedom, they wouldn't know the concept of freedom. this guy was eradicated later as well because he was too clever to think about the word 'concept'. the big brother in our big neighboring country has been unifying different parts of its own by means of language, everyone there has to use mandarin. they are pushing us to do that too by forcing schools to use mandarin to teach chinese. we are worrying that our own language cantonese would be gone, and lots of ideas, concepts, thinking in our culture would be gone too if we no longer have the words to talk about them. for this reason i hate mandarin, and simplified chinese, they are conquering our culture. sorry i know u are using them there, i know it s irrelevant to your country.
I attended a conference there in HK a few years ago. One of the profs there looked at the group of us from Singapore with disdain when we spoke about language in our curriculum. I understand why. I always feel that we have given up too much of our identity and our roots in the name of 'progress' . I felt sad that day. I respect very much that Cantonese is still used there in HK. It is what binds the people and gives them an identity.
Sssslm · 31-35, F
@novembermoon: it s not easy if the government does not take the initiative to protect and promote things like identity and culture. they are time and money consuming that s beyond the power of individuals.
Sssslm · 31-35, F
not all cultures are good, for examples in some places women are considered subordinate to men. they do not have equal rights as men do and could be raped freely.

i hate those who come from problematic countries and think they have no problems and bring their problematic norms to other countries.
Depends on the term hate,example I don't hate myself, my life, culture or country,but I do hate the way each of them has gone the wrong direction and where it has ended up. Not hating each as the label themselves. It's like a girl hating all men because of one bad relationship with a male.
Cierzo · M
Understand. Not what I call self hate. For me self-hate is hating yourself and the groups you belong to precisely for that reason.
What if someone has like a love hate relationship with oneself? Like they are in love with their best side but just can't seem to accept ones own flaws? Catch 22 thought @Cierzo:

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