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Did you ever look at world and think how far have we come??
I always look at evolution and scale it on grounds of milestones we covered.
26-30, M
22 replies
Apr 5, 2019
Carazaa · F
I think the Christian countries got some help from God, though!
Mystical · 26-30, M
I respect your viewpoint. I believe we human credit god for our good works. Humanity should get some credit for its work[@889684,Carazaa]
KaiserSolze · 41-45, F
😂 you mean how about 2000 years ago man invented the computer and then just last century we bothered to do it again? Is that what you mean lmao
Mystical · 26-30, M
No with that i meant walking from stone-ahe to a well grown social establishment [@617886,Sarupticious]
[@617886,Sarupticious] ah, the great cycle of life...
🎶here we go again 🎶
Nah, I look at the sheer magnitude of the imbalance of our learning.
[@919290,Mystical] proud to be human right? 🙄😁
Mystical · 26-30, M
Not in current landscape yet would love to change the image[@912138,VirtualOhSo]
[@919290,Mystical] i.laugh at the word 'humanity ' the definition is beyond many's understanding, let alone capabilities.
revenant · F
or we are regressing
Mystical · 26-30, M
I can think of thousands of them. One of my favourite is understanding the basics of humanity[@476282,Revnant]
[@919290,Mystical]( OMG, I just typed 'i think ' and it auto corrected to ' iPhone!!! 😱

I think we need to ground ourselves.
We're flying too high egowize on the Web, and we are disconnecting from our planet.

We are starting to believe if we talk about doing good, it's the same as actually doing it..

Which it fucking isn't!!!
revenant · F
[@919290,Mystical] hey that is true..psychology of 5 year olds nowadays 😆
Mystical · 26-30, M
But if we dont even talk about it no change will initiate. Every change start with an idea. Yes i agree to you that words need to be turned into action to bring change. Contemplating is the initiation of it[@912138,VirtualOhSo]
[@919290,Mystical] yeah, that's important.
But that's as far as most people get.

SamtheDog · M
Maybe, doesn't mean mush to the individual in a practical sense.

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