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Why does A friend just go awy?
Met a woman here and became very emotional with her and now she is gone and will no longer talk with me. Why?
36-40, F
30 replies
Jan 20, 2019
rickfreeman15 · 18-21, M
Probably got more things going on in their "real" life
donnagreen36female · 36-40, F
[@17857,rickfreeman15] This was REAL LIFE. I am sure her life with me was real, not fantasy. My life here is also real, NOT fantasy. Donna
rickfreeman15 · 18-21, M
[@57440,donnagreen36female] sorry I sounded that way, that wasn't what I meant. I meant that maybe in their physical life, like people around them they just got caught up in so many activities that they had less time to talk online
I hate when that happens, but you just accept it and move on with life.
SweetMae · 61-69, F
You may have overwhelmed her. We all have our own things to deal with.
donnagreen36female · 36-40, F
[@10109,SweetMae] I believe that is not it. We shared so much, and I wanted her to coke visit me for a few days or week or whatever. I offered to provide her with a first class round trip, ALL expenses provided. She lives is Pennsylvania, We live in Dallas Texas area She refused this offer
Rocky101 · 46-50, M
Maybe she wasn’t truefull with you [@57440,donnagreen36female]
crossed some line somewhere ..
SW User
she would come back, don't change your username and display picture, I assure you it is likely that she would contact you again
goingguy · 56-60, M
Maybe it was too emotional..maybe "she" isn't a she?
donnagreen36female · 36-40, F
[@688711,goingguy] Thank you. No, she is a she. I have talked with her via phone many times. We have exchanged many photos. We had talked for almost two years, every day. I wanted to meet her so much.
goingguy · 56-60, M
[@57440,donnagreen36female] sorry to hear
donnagreen36female · 36-40, F
Thank God, Christine did in fact get back to me this afternoon. Makes me so happy. Thanks to all of you that gave me hope. Her name is Christine, and she is on here. Donna
laotzu92 · 61-69, M
i'm sorry You had this experience.
Tex78 · 41-45, M
Maybe she has a life away from the internet
donnagreen36female · 36-40, F
Christine has come back to me. So thankful. Thank you for your support
donnagreen36female · 36-40, F
To tell all who responded to this. Christine did in fact come back to me. Made my say! Thank you all for your concerns. Donna

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Why does A friend just go awy? | Personal, Thoughts & Feelings | Similar Worlds