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For the girls...have you also seduced your BFF? :)
100+, C
49 replies
Oct 28, 2018
ZenLioness · F
Nuuu, cuz I only want to seduce [b]one[/b] guy
indyjoe · 51-55, M
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] What did you think GUY meant?🤨
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
[@676121,indyjoe] penis?
ZenLioness · F
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] yes, a masculine male, born male, with a penis
1000PaperCranes · 26-30, F
No, but we had done some stuff casually.
1000PaperCranes · 26-30, F
[@414490,VeronicaJane] Sure
[@725472,1000PaperCranes] that was sweet of you. Did it change your relationship?
1000PaperCranes · 26-30, F
[@414490,VeronicaJane] Not much, really. We didnt really talk about it after. It was just like a favor he needed and I helped him out. And it was fun for me too.
It’s not always about riding dick Audie
naughtyaudie · 100+, C
[@420709,Antiquity] It certainly is not...
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
let me translate that. [@815337,naughtyaudie] ...

[@420709,Antiquity] "pussy"
Bitch I’m deaddddd[@336516,MartinTheFirst]
ekwalizur · 36-40, M
Boy, [i]that[/i] would have been cool!
naughtyaudie · 100+, C
[@79933,ekwalizur] She's a hottie!
LondonCowboy · 46-50, M
You are a Hottie too 😉😘[@815337,naughtyaudie]
Fantabulous · 41-45, F
Well we kissed eachother but more for attention than anything
[@8743,Fantabulous] oh, there has to be a story there. *** reaches for a glass of wine ***
Fantabulous · 41-45, F
[@414490,VeronicaJane] 🤐
[@8743,Fantabulous] lol, but that was a teaser ;-) Are you sure you don't want to tell? It sounds delicious. 😚
tropicaltiger · 56-60, M
I'm a guy so I can't answer this for myself, but speaking for my wife the answer is yes, and they both loved it!!!
thephoenix · M
Would you?
tropicaltiger · 56-60, M
To quote my lovely wife - "Of course! What else are best friends for???"
AnneHoney · 31-35, F
No just truth or dare make out in the
Mr7inch · 26-30, M
Have you?
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For the girls...have you also seduced your BFF? :... | Personal, Thoughts & Feelings | Similar Worlds