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What would you prefer most. Online friends? Or personal friends"
Online friends here. My personal friends pest me too much 馃槙
56-60, M
9 replies
Feb 26, 2018
Mayumi18-21, F
Online you don't have to take them out for lunch or get dressed up when they visit. 馃槈
Scubaguy02741-45, M
Combination of the two. Real life friends can be a pain and online friends can be easier to talk to sometimes
AlmostAnAngel100+, F
Just a few people I can relate to. Here of There makes no difference.
MushroomFaerie31-35, F
exexec61-69, M
Personal. We helped raise each other's children, are there for each other when needed, and have total respect for each other.
Can't online friends be personal friends?
Mayumi18-21, F
[@613918,Jessica2000] he meant friends you hang out with in real life.
[@647049,Seashell] Oh, I know what he [b]meant[/b]. But I'm a lot more "personal" with most of my online friends than I am with my real worlds friends.

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