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Why are so many people depressed nowadays?
Cinderellaman · 36-40, T
Probably because of the state the world is in. It's a hot mess of garbage
Skate1717 · 31-35, F
Sinceramente la vida apesta 😅
Longpatrol · 26-30, M
Social media and shit governmental policies.
Houdini · 51-55, M
I think it’s because younger people are not as strong as we are
Skate1717 · 31-35, F
[@356383,Houdini] no estoy de acuerdo con tu opinión,
Realmente todo era más simple antes que ahora
Houdini · 51-55, M
[@1156987,Skate1717] easy for you to say. But I don’t understand
Skate1717 · 31-35, F
[@356383,Houdini] Sola diré que soy de Venezuela y si has escuchado noticias sobre ese país entenderás por que digo que antes todo era más simple
Tinkles · 26-30, F
Coz everyday there's something new that's gonna end the world, everyone accused of being a sexist nazi, at least by someone and we're not allowed to have any hope.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
Isolation isn't good for mental health.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@356383,Houdini] of course most people still have contact with the outside world through social media and video, but that's not the same as seeing each other in person.

Because people in isolation can't go to birthday parties, demonstrations and talk shows, they are somewhat invisible. But an estimation is that in the Nederlands, 2 million out of 17 million people have hardly left their apartment for 7 months now, if at all.
Houdini · 51-55, M
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] I know what your saying. But is it any different to the people that are in prison that can’t do anything they want or for the people that are in any of the military forces that can only do what they told. Just think about it people are so selfish if they don’t get there own way and this is what this is really about. And if everyone would work together and stop putting obstacles in the way maybe we could get back to living a better life
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@356383,Houdini] I think it is different, yes. Healthy people can't do everything they want, but still a lot. Meeting for a drink 6 feet apart isn't as fun as they are used to, but a whole lot better than video calling.

People in the military chose to give up their freedom, they still see their colleagues, can look forward to days off and know approximately when they can retire.

People in isolation were forced there, see absolutely nobody and there is no end in sight with the way the pandemic is handled in most countries.

I agree we should work together towards a better life. If everyone gave up going out for fun for just a little while, the virus would almost gone and everyone could go back to normal in a few weeks.
Coz they find it easier than working or finding work to do.
Too many expectations.
erosa · 22-25, F
Considering the number of Trump-Biden questions on SW, not surprising.
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
When i was in my 20's it was easy to get a job and plus you'd be treated well with great conditions, rents were easily affordable for a single person on a basic income and it was pre 911 so there was really little security anywhere so everything just seemed more free and relaxed. Even the style of pop music seemed to reflect it, it was fun and zany and people were shiny and happy... well where i lived anyway. Now it's like the world could end tomorrow for a variety of different reasons.

I used to play in the street and ride my bike. [@557074,PerthSurfer]
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
[@14748,Zebrawl] Yeah i remember when it was safe enough to do that

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