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AMERICA1ST blocked me
I think it was because I told him that there were other ways to respond to someone having their facts wrong instead of just belittling them.
22-25, F
51 replies
May 13, 2018
Well that was just asking for it.
Stardust519 · 22-25, F
[@726345,justanotherdirtyoldman] Oh well. I was getting tired of seeing him on my feed. I got bad vibes from his posts.
SW User
One of us!
One of us!
One of us!
This message was deleted.
ZenLioness · F
You're right. He deserves it, if he's really nasty. His loss.
Tminus6453 · 51-55, M
He blocks anyone who challenges him or calls him out, he's a twit...did you a favor
reflectingmonkey · 46-50, M
I blocked him not long ago, got tired of his only-for-Americans questions
I think we’re all been blocked now....
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Most on here block if their echo chamber is violated
MorbidCynic · 22-25, F
more like he doesn’t know his facts. He blocked me before I could link him to facts stating otherwise.
Stardust519 · 22-25, F
[@436099,MorbidCynic] he blocked me because I called him out for belittling you. Poor man got triggered
HamSolo · 26-30, M
You’re better off not being friends with them.
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