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Husband and friend ditched me after babyshower. Not coming home
So pregnant. 4 weeks from due date. Had a baby shower today. My husband starts telling me he needs guy time after the shower. He leaves with his friend.
Also, my best friend who flew in town for shower leaves to go hang out with her other friends. She texts me later to let me know she is now drunk with my husband and his friend (think she is going to hook up with the friend). She was supposed to come back over and do girl night. husband says he isn’t coming home tonight. Now they are all drinking and playing poker at husbands friends house... I’m feeling a little bitter about it. They are all spending the night there... am I crazy to feel bitter and sorta left out? Also thinking like what if I were to go into labor.. can’t believe husband is spending the night there... he didn’t even check to see if I had gotten home would you feel?
26-30, F
21 replies
Nov 5, 2017
Freefun74 · 41-45, M
Oreocookies · 36-40, M
I'd be pissed!
SimplyChantou · 41-45, F
Whoa.. I would not accept that, I'd say you dont come home now, you never do
Zeusdelight · 56-60, M
Not good. So time to plan a talk. What did you do?
sillysweetgirl · 22-25, F
Oh my god. The fuck is wrong with them. So much for caring about you
*sigh*... this isn't even cool. I'm mad for you.
Well.... I know you'll handle it as best as you could.

I hope you had a great baby shower and received everything you need 🌸
maybesomeday · 22-25, F
I'd be divorcing that low-life and saying see ya later to your best friend too.
AnonymousJSS · 18-21, F
Buy matches and gasoline. Your problems will be over.
mljenkins · 46-50, F
I guess I would feel left out, perhaps a little rejected but happy that the pregnancy was quickly coming to an end. Try not guilt trip your man tomorrow with the what if scenario, guys gotta have a night oUT too, which had nothing to do with you, it's a guy thing.
Vivaci · F
Wow!! Just wow.... 😠
Put your foot down and set things straight.... Just the way you want them to be. Don't keep on adjusting so much that you're taken for granted. I read your other post too.
Call him and ask him to come home [b]right now! [/b]

No excuses allowed.
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