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Would you give up on the person that you love?
If your answer is yes than do you really love them or did you lose your love for them at the same time you gave up on them?
31-35, F
17 replies
Jun 2, 2017
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M Best Answer
i don't want to. but cancer wants her more.

fucking pisses me off.. i feel i earned her more.
Makemeluvit · 31-35, F
@sighmeupforthat: I'm so very very sorry- you have and you are
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
@Makemeluvit: i won't give up on her.. but i'm afraid i'll have to give her up.

:/ eh, i wish everything could be dr. mccoy'd!
Makemeluvit · 31-35, F
I do too- she's so fortunate to have you in her life caring and supporting her through such a tough and traumatic experience
Sometimes you gotta.
anotherclone · 31-35, M
will try my best but I have my limits when it gets toxic
gummybears · 26-30, F
I will love him forever
Only when they betrade my trust. Once my trust is gone... my love for him walks away too... :(
Loving someone isn't the same as wasting your life waiting for them to get their shit together
SW User
Yes, sometimes it's for the best!
SW User
I gave her up. She loved another person and me. I didn't want to complicate matters. It was bad enough she wasn't faithful, I didn't make her a better person. She cheated, lied to me and became immorally bankrupt
Martyr · 22-25, F
I would, depending. Unconditional love does not exist.
SW User
it happened with me.
but what can I do...if that person is hiding things ..
I think in love ,one should be honest with their partner.One should not cheat over other.
if these things don't happen in love ...then I think Giving up on that person is great idea.
they don't want to understand your anxiety ,your deep attention ,your honest love ,they don't want someone who always think and take about them.

I think these kinds of people don't deserve true love .
And they'll definitely repent on their decisions..somewhere in future.
right now they are not watching anything ..they are just blind in glory and money and followingrich guys..

I would definitely give up on These people.
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