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How do women flirt with men?
51-55, M
47 replies
Nov 18, 2019
Venice41-45, F
Its all in the eyes.. 馃槒
calicuz51-55, M

No "one-liners?"
Venice41-45, F
[@406126,calicuz] No.. I don't need words to convey my message
Synyster46-50, M
They remove their pants
when I'm out with friends, I stir the ice in my glass with my finger. makes them want to be what I'm drinking
calicuz51-55, M

Synyster46-50, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] Good one.
MartinTheFirst18-21, M
[@917533,saragoodtimes] or perhaps they think thats nasty...
Stroke him. No, not [i]there..[/i] in his ego. Make him feel like he's the sexiest man alive.
Smile, wink..if appropriate, touch him lightly.
calicuz51-55, M

Nice and smooth Zen
[@406126,calicuz] hell yeah! Don't be a desperate sleazy ho, yanno?
calicuz51-55, M

Got it
Its all just a very big mystery, one foot wrong and you end up in jail lol
Tatsumi26-30, M
They follow you around like a stalker. They'll get next to you and pretend like they're totally unaware you exist, follow you around the room. Kinda like fishing.
taehyun18-21, F
depends how desperate and cheap she is
Flenflyys26-30, F
I do a mutual staring thing, wear tight clothes, make a habit of bending over in front of them, slightly inappropriate jokes, accidental light touches...
calicuz51-55, M

I see, so light touching is a dead give away, yes?
Flenflyys26-30, F
[@406126,calicuz] I would say yes. Unless someone is socially retarded usually touching at all is a no go.
Keepitsimple46-50, F
Eye contact

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