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My bf likes to wake me up by having sex with me whilst I'm asleep

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User41 · 31-35, M
How would you know if you were asleep?
jaymic64 · M
Sounds good
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
[image deleted]
Jack4054 · 41-45, M
quitwhendone · 46-50, M
Do you wake up or sleep through it?
SW User
justanothername · 51-55, M
Loving your selfie 😍
scorpio611 · 41-45, M
You should not wake up but pretend to be still asleep :D
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
You look so nice!
JustcallmeNameless · 31-35, F
Is that wallpaper?
BalmyNites · F
I used to set the alarm to wake mine up early 😉
midnightsun · 22-25, M
I don't get it
BalmyNites · F
Her b/f wakes her up by doing it while she’s still asleep! 😂[@854020,brokenswordsandshatteredshield]
midnightsun · 22-25, M
[@561899,BalmyNites] how is it possible I mean?
BalmyNites · F
Well, that’s her wake up call 😂[@854020,brokenswordsandshatteredshield]
SW User
Does he rolls you up ?
Tonydang · M
I seriously don’t blame him 😍😍
bgjb58 · 51-55, M
who can blame him?
LovelyDawn · 26-30, T
I do that too lol
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
Fabulous body! I don't know if I could let you sleep.
JP1119 · 31-35, M
You like that?
You look very nice.
I’d so do the same!😉
Glossy · F
I hate to break it to you, but technically that’s called rape.
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
[@7108,Glossy] 👏
Pdad49 · M
I would wake you up to! You look great!
This message was deleted by its author.
uncleshawn · 36-40, M
I love doing that.....and having that done to me!

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