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I Hate Myself
I feel like a blob of flesh with just a slight of inner navigation sometimes. Like I'm dead, or a robot.
Maybe I'm tired, I don't always feel like that. But sometimes I'm so auto matic, that I'm not a person anymore.
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relax - have a chezney
Maybe you're worrying about something over and over and it's giving you brain fatigue? 馃
Christian22-25, M
Hey what does "c" stand for? I've been noticing lots of different gender letters on profiles lately. I'm just curious...
weirdmofo31-35, F
Lol I honestly don't know. I think I wanted to confuse people... maybe it means, couple?
Christian22-25, M
Haha...yeah I think so too because I've seen letters like T,Z,R.....I'm guessing the "R" stands for reptilian. Cuz reptilian people totally exist. 馃槃
pearllederman56-60, F
you shouldnt feel that way

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I Hate Myself
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