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If a big cat wants you for dinner, odds are you should just salt and pepper yourself and hand the cat a napkin.

Two big cats are absurdly big. Big as the lions and tigers of nightmares

[i]Barbary Lion[/i]

Today, the Barbary Lion is thought to be extinct in the wild but there are about 160 individuals in zoos and preserves around the world.

Historically, Barbary lions were used by Romans at the Coliseum where Christians were often on the menu.

1 meter (3.37 feet) at the shoulder
3.5 meters (11.5 feet) in length
230 kg (507 pounds) in weight


[i]Siberian Tiger[/i]

"The Siberian tiger is often considered to be the largest tiger.[32] A wild male killed in Manchuria by the Sungari River in 1943 reportedly measured 350 cm (140 in) "over the curves" with a tail length of about 1 m (39 in). It weighed about 300 kg (660 lb). Dubious sources mention weights of 318 and 384 kg (701 and 847 lb) and even 408 kg (899 lb).[33][34]"

61-69, F
18 replies
May 22, 2020
Longpatrol · 26-30, F
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
[@645510,Longpatrol] Exactly. And then everybody takes to their heels.
calicuz · 51-55, M
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
[@349935,Virgo79] I was impressed by the elephant, who neither ran or fought. Like the Palace guards in London. "I am at work."
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] I think he knew who the cat was after😂
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
[@349935,Virgo79] 😀
SweetMae · 61-69, F
We could hear them prowling around the compound in Zimbabwe at night.
500 lb pussies that eat you
SmartKat · 56-60, F
🥰 Lions are one of the best things ever, IMHO.
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
[@64306,SmartKat] They are splendid. I don't think I'd want one for a neighbor.

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