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Graduating high school soon and I realized that I don't want to work

I graduate in less than a month, and it just dawned on me that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. If I go to college, I'll get a degree and find a job to do until retirement comes. If I don't go to college, I still have to get a job to make a living. I wish I could be a kid forever and not have to worry about this. Some of my peers have clear career plans in mind -- teaching, medicine, politics. And here I am with absolutely no goal.
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I’d grab a good paying blue colour job while the getting is good..
Oster1 · M
VERY WISE WORDS!!![@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout]
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met had no idea what they wanted to do !

At 22 or 32 or 42 !

Do what suits your needs for now.
Keep your options open until something grabs you !
SwampFlower · 26-30, F
The problem is that you will outgrow this mindset and then won't have any skills to fall back on. Enroll in community college and get your core out of the way for free. That will give you a couple more years to find something you like.
babydragon · 22-25, M
same here I still have no idea what to do in life trust me, but it's better to college so that so still have time to decide on what to do
SydneyGuy · 61-69, M
The more education you can get the better because it will give you more options in life. Go to college and learn something. if you really don’t like that course you can study something else later
xuxuguinhu9 · 31-35, T
[@1205258,SydneyGuy] i highly disagree with this .only waste time in educating yourself if you have clear goals. otherwise its time wasted. time you could use to start working on something your fond of thar needs no studies. studies will take your WHOLE life away from you. its only for those who have some goal in mind.
SydneyGuy · 61-69, M
[@1204467,xuxuguinhu9] I hadn’t thought of it that way. yes you’re right if you’re passionate about something like developing a business and you don’t need to go to college to do it then go for it
Do you enjoy mechanics or anything like that? Find a trade that you would really enjoy doing even if it's welding or whatever and then go to trade school for that and you will always have that under your belt to see you through life and you only have to do that once, instead of taking all these courses in college that you won't even use. And for four years or more!
4meAndyou · F
I was the same way. My father insisted I go back to college. I went back but still had no clue.

You can make good money if you train to be a computer programmer, or an electrician, or a plumber. Most of those schools take less than 2 years.
See what really interests you, and focus on your education first. Hopefully when your interests in some thing, you probably will want to pursue that in your life. Don't worry, many people changed their areas of work at later stages.

Anyways education will help to understand how things work. In the process you may also learn few things about life. In the job you just gets an opportunity to understand better those things.

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