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I Love My Niece

My sister recently told me about a little bittersweet moment she had with her 3 year-old. She said her daughter's been obsessing over how gorgeous her mom is more than usual lately. 鈽猴笍 I guess while she was telling my sister she's beautiful and whatnot, my sister asked her "What about when I get all old and then I'm not beautiful anymore?" She said that actually made her daughter sad and that she even started cry! 馃ズ My sister said when she asked her why she was crying, her daughter shouted "I don't want you to not be beautiful anymore!" 馃槩 My sister said she tried to reassure her that she's sure she'll still be good-looking when she's old, citing her grandmother as an example (since our mom does look great for her age), said that help keep her daughter's mind at ease a little bit. My sister said she felt bad, saying she only asked that as a joke and wasn't expecting her to get so upset about it. 馃槹 Poor girl. But I'm sure she'll be back to swooning over her mom's looks in no time and still will be for a very long time. 馃グ
Asmae31-35, F
Lol that鈥檚 adorable

My 6 year old niece often compliments me. It鈥檚 the cutest thing ever
Asmae31-35, F
Can鈥檛 blame her 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔廆Carver
Carver31-35, F
@Asmae They're well-behaved most of the time, they just have the unfortunate luck of having an Italian mom.
Asmae31-35, F
Pizza and pasta though 馃い I鈥檇 say that fortunate @Carver
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
Such a sweetheart 馃グ
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
@Carver lol 馃槀 I鈥檓 they鈥檙e mom they probably think it鈥檚 gross
But I think one of my sons friends may had a crush on me lol 馃槀 he gets so nervous around me lol 馃槀

My husband teases me and say 鈥測ou鈥檙e little boyfriend鈥 he鈥檚 obviously joking I鈥檇 never date a child but I find it hilarious and a tiny bit creepy
Carver31-35, F
@KaysHealingPath Oh, of course. I keep forgetting it's different with males. 馃槕
Aww, that's pretty cute though. 鈽猴笍 That is funny in a weird, creep way. 馃槅 Just hope it never gets too awkward for your boys.
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
@Carver Lol 馃槀 nah they鈥檒l be ok
scooogy31-35, MVIP
I've seen a home-made video clip where a father did this "oh where is she-there she is" game, and at some point (don't ask me how he did this) he suddenly appeared with his beard shaved off, and his daughter started to cry immediately. I guess getting used to changes is hard for kids.
ThePerfectUsername70-79, M
Happy children don't really care about looks. All they really is a reflection of how you make them feel. And if that stays good you're golden. 馃グ馃鉂わ笍
bellybuttonfan1731-35, M
Such a sweet kid !!!!

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