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Why does everything seem like it falling apart ?
18-21, F
14 replies
Jun 1, 2017
SW User
Everything has its ups and downs
colourlessflower · 18-21, F
Going down*
SW User
@colourlessflower: Try to focus on the long term, sometimes in the short-term things look bleak.
colourlessflower · 18-21, F
I hope so.
It happens sometimes,just have to work through it,be around positive people if you can. Talk to friends
Gauntlets28 · 22-25, M
It all is. Sometimes I wish I was in a coma, or severely brain damaged, so i didn't have to continue with the misery of it all.
Gauntlets28 · 22-25, M
@colourlessflower: I'm too scared of death for that. I just want my brain to rot so I can't comprehend the world anymore. Then I wouldn't care about surviving or not.
colourlessflower · 18-21, F
That is true :) I fear death also.
Gauntlets28 · 22-25, M
@colourlessflower: I don't usually feel so down, but I've looked at my finances and I can't afford to drink for the next few months, so that crutch is out of the window. :P
bgeginny · 31-35, F
Because everything IS falling apart! Life is this whole weird entropic cycle where things are born, get bigger, and then fall apart - there's a period of time where it SEEMS like things are getting better, but it's all really just part of this long and kind of awesome and terrible journey back to nothingness.

The upside is that the one thing you have control over is your perspective on everything. You do your very best to enjoy everything while it's still in your life, and you can do your very best to be a positive and joyful part of other people's lives!
Lincoln98 · 18-21, M
[@400586,bgeginny] That is quite a hopeless & bleak outlook, would you not say?

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