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Have you ever been a business waiting to be served the lady on reception was too busy on her computer to notice you so you dieside to walk out again
SW User
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Feb 14, 2019
Wanttoplay · 56-60, M
Yes I have. The other one is in the phone.
SW User
Did you go back in after [@855831,Wanttoplay]
Wanttoplay · 56-60, M
[@863733,Adie167] I give most places a couple of shots of they are local.
Blondie03 · F
Yes I do that at restaurants, stores, etc
SW User
Do you ever go back in [@605074,Blondie03]
Blondie03 · F
Nope[@863733,Adie167]We frequented a local restaurant. Went for breakfast one morning and no one offered
us water, coffee, nothing! There were a few waitresses that
walked right
past us and
catered to other
diners. We were shockd. We left
and I wrote
scalding review
about it on
Yelp. Served
them right!!!
SW User
Something like that. A couple of girls working at a restaurant I went to ignored me because it was apparently more important to giggle over something on their phones. I was better off ignored anyway because it gave me a chance to look closer at the area and see how filthy everything was. That couldn't have been from one morning. They probably never got any work done.
Gumba1000 · M
I like to interrupt them.
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