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Let's say HELL is real. And GOD is ready to throw you in the Pit. What are your final words?
26-30, F
45 replies
Nov 18, 2016
taehyun · 18-21, F
"fuck yall"
@taehyun: sometimes it does but a lot of times it does not
i just love you so much that i keep checking again again 😅😂
taehyun · 18-21, F
@FallenOptimist22: awwww ❤
@taehyun: 😍
LachrymoseLamer · 46-50, M
ReaperofTime · 41-45, M
I will be ruling shortly.
SW User
It's a fair cop
I'd say, "I've been expecting this. Honey, I'm home!" while willingly jumping into the pit.
SW User
"Harambe didn't die for this!" 😵
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
No, he didn't. Harambe died for trying to main a Black kid in Ohio.
Shaman · 22-25
@BlueMetalChick: He died for our sins
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
@BeautifulDemon: Well...the sin of the woman who let her baby into a gorilla enclosure maybe.
dinosaurcavemandude · 26-30, M
I'd tell him to go fuck himself, and then jump in.
Il be back...
AnukBinary · M
"God you're an asshole P.S. please clear my web browser don't be a dick jus do it"
Nefarious · 18-21, M
You're a fucking asshole. You made an entire species just to watch us struggle with things that you could have easily given us the answers to. You say you want love, but all you'd have had to do is fucking show yourself and you would have received it. Fuck you, I'll gladly jump into this fucking pit, don't waste your infinite energy pushing me in.
ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
I feel a lot of passion in your writing.
Nefarious · 18-21, M
It comes from the heart
dinosaurcavemandude · 26-30, M
My feelings exactly!

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Let's say HELL is real. And GOD is ready to t... | Community | Similar Worlds