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Whats an interesting controversial topic to do a presentation on?
I'm taking a persuasive talking class and we get to choose our own subject as long as its controversial, thing is everyone will probably be doing subjects like religion, politics and abortions etc, I want to do something interesting hahah. Any thoughts?
22-25, F
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Aug 13, 2019
Universal basic income.
SeductiveCactus · 22-25, F
[@406636,causernamebemyusername] Not 100% what that is, but thats government welfare yeah? if so it could be an interesting topic because lots of people take advantage of it where I live.
[@372439,SeductiveCactus] Sorta like a government allowance yeah. I believe one of the Scandinavian countries has it at the moment. And Presidential candidate Yang uses it as a talking point.
raysam363 · 26-30, M
Not as controversial, but pirating digital media is always a fun one.
SeductiveCactus · 22-25, F
[@960394,raysam363] Definitely would be interesting, I'll put it on my list haha
TacoCat · 18-21, M
Do a presentation on psychedelic shrooms
ImKelsey · 22-25, F
Argue for bullying being a good thing. It sorts the men from the boys and bosses from laborers.
Peaceful · F
The corruption within Pharma.
SeductiveCactus · 22-25, F
[@21448,Peaceful] I'm not sure what that is, i'm going to have to look it up.
Peaceful · F
[@372439,SeductiveCactus] pharmaceutical companies killing people without much impunity.
Look up how many were killed from Vioxx. And they knew how dangerous it was and sold it anyways. Killed at minimum 60k people. Could ge upwards of 200k.
This is one example...😨
MougyWolf · 31-35, M
The personal and societal benefits of psychedelics drugs, like LSD or Mushrooms.
4meAndyou · F
Why don't you do a talk about all the drug cartels, and their foothold within the United States? I found a map JUST for the Sinaloa cartel and they were absolutely everywhere.

You could do a power point map of the US with overlays showing color coded cartels and where they operate. They are well known, their locations are well known, and yet we can NOT eliminate them, which is a little shocking.

The Juarista cartel has three major drug routes right through El Paso, Texas, which is Beto O'Rourke's home town. Beto wants to tear down the Wall there, saying it is so safe, but the Juarista cartel chops off the heads of their enemies, they are already running through El Paso and Beto is ignoring it.
GerOttman · 61-69, M
Have you considered the implications of merging a human beings mind with a cybernetic (computer) interface? The ability to live without a body, retain the thoughts, emotions, and memories of a human with the power of a computers speed and memory. Surrender the fragile body and live almost forever!

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