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Only 3% of Trump Voters Believe Joe Biden Legitimately Won the Election

72% Say They Would Leave GOP For a ‘Trump Party’

The left can have our RINOS.
They're not really good for anything anyway.

PS - 100% of democrat KNOW a Biden win would be illegitimate, but don't care.
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Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M
Lmao! What’s the source?
[@946009,Quetzalcoatlus] There is no link.
Budwick · 70-79, M
[@946009,Quetzalcoatlus] You think they should have asked you?

Pretselcoat - they were asking Trump supporters - so yes, the sample was likely Trump supporters/

Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M
[@841775,Budwick] Lmao they didn’t need to go through the trouble of a poll to get that answer. You’re all out of touch with reality. I’m surprised they got 3%
Laughoften · M
Completely false, what source?
Budwick · 70-79, M
[@1053221,Laughoften] You are completely wrong.
Next time check yourself before tossing accusations.

According to a new CNBC/Change Research poll, a staggering 73% of respondents consider Trump the legitimate winner.

Just 3% believe that Trump should concede and begin to transfer power.
Laughoften · M
[@841775,Budwick] polls are not a source, they can be severely skewed to paint a rhetoric this left wing news agency wants to frame.

Completely wrong, trust me, its the other way around 73% would consider Biden the winner, including this Trump voter and millions others.
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
You ain't right in the head Bud!!
Please get some help...
SnailTeeth · 36-40, M
Lol... All these guys questioning the source were claiming voter fraud a week ago.
3% sounds too high.
Many of these people believe Alex Jones is real news, or that GMOs are killing them.
Many people are gullible. Whether it be the believers in pyramid power since the 60's, or followers of any monotheistic religion since the dawn of time.

These people cannot be reasoned with, because they have grounded themselves in the irrationality of confirmation bias, much like Flat-Earthers in Pythagoras' day.

It's not unbelievable that Biden won, it's just hard to believe that he won solely based on being a decent person. What has the nation come to?

It would be nice if all future candidates were respectful, considerate, compassionate people. These are all qualities that Trump and the vocal majority of his supporters seem to lack.
3% are labotomy victims? 🤔
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
We traded one bozo for another. Either way we are screwed.
TwistedSister · 36-40, F
[@11509,Keepitsimple] hardly . Trump won’t screw up your insurance, raise your taxes; make gasoline unaffordable , or destroy the economy . That’s creepy Joe’s plan
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Yeah, that’s true. 👍[@1146418,TwistedSister]
curiosi · 56-60, F
3% sounds a little high, can't be that many stupid that are on the Trump train.
Budwick · 70-79, M
[@423488,curiosi] LOL - Agreed.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
And 87% of Trump supporters cant calculate 3% of anything,.
Genuine Trumps supporters do exist. But they are the faithful, following a Messiah. Most also believing in WWE, UFC, and not needing "proof" of anything, just because they dont. Its not even safe to believe in America like that. Let alone a snake oil saleman like Trump.😷
Elessar · 26-30, M
Who's even surprised if 97% of Trump voters are delusional? lol
chairde · 26-30, M
Big deal😊
Yes, that’s why it’s a cult.
[@1026,HazelMotes] One could say you TDS guys are a cult too huh?

Food for thought 😁🕺🏻
[@327405,TheScissoring] Not by any definition of a cult. Cults are characterized by total devotion to a leader and intolerance of any deviation from the party line. That defines the MAGA mindset. Just hating Trump’s guts is not a cult since there is no leader for that and that group includes all kinds of people.
How can any American say with a straight face they trust the FBI or CIA?

[@327405,TheScissoring] Projecting again? You respond to everything I post.

Dude, I’m married and I like women anyway. Sorry to disappoint you. Go find someone else to crush on.
[@1026,HazelMotes] gaslighting again.. I hardly ever spank your nonsense replies 😎🕺🏻
[@327405,TheScissoring] And yet here you are again.
SW User
Facts don't care about your beliefs 🤭
ShayAdonia · 22-25, F
I’m getting flashbacks to 2016 when the GOP and Trump supporters called the liberals crybabies for being sore losers. Then laughed when the Democrats accused Trump of winning because of Russian interference.

Flash forward to 4 years later. The Democrats win this time, now who’s accusing the other side of rigging the election and crying about the loss? Biden won, it’s not going to change. Get over it. Stop being hypocrites.
I would love to see the GOP split over this into a RINO and Trumpist wing. Already in Georgia, there are calls for Republicans to boycott the senate runoff to “punish” Kemp and Raffensperger for certifying the state for Biden. I support this 100%.
Peapod · 56-60, F
[@1026,HazelMotes] Me too. I don't believe for one minute that all conservatives are have lost their minds. Time will show many denouncing Trump and his brand of "crazy".
eli1601 · 61-69, M
Surprised at the 3%. It's not like it's not obvious.
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
PSuss1 · 51-55, M

There's a poll for you ...absolutely no surprise that China and Russia are upset their boy's out
eli1601 · 61-69, M
PSuss1 · 51-55, M
[@10531,eli1601] nice projection
eli1601 · 61-69, M
[@1053129,PSuss1] 👍
Thodsis · 46-50, M
Are they the proportion that understand what numbers are?
[@27778,AbbeyRhode] right
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
Only about 3% believe in science!
Mike Pence thinks the world is 6000yrs old.. 🤷‍♀️
QuixoticSoul · 36-40, M
Turns out Trump voters aren’t very bright, who would have thought.
eli1601 · 61-69, M
[@580625,QuixoticSoul] 🤣
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
99.99999% of Trump supporters believe fake stats that are made up.
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
[@841775,budwick] sorry this discussion is getting tedious now .trump himself has let joe start the process of hand over. though trump is still saying is not giving up

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