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Should my Therapist know

Should I tell my therapist I’m in love with someone else other than the man I married? I’m worried she will dislike me and not be able to help me. I have expressed these feelings to him. I cannot be with him nor can he be with me.
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Your therapist should have the skills to hear this and be professional about it.
sunshineover · 41-45, F
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] i think it means her not condoning it. which i never said anything to her about that . i honestly do not want to feel anything sexual
for this man. it’s not even me mentally , it’s my body that talks , so to speak. i’ve never been this open about stuff like this in public online but i’m desperate. i can’t tell him i want to die inside bc i can’t stop my arousal for him. i don’t want to hurt my husband . i think my hormones in life started later
[@628988,sunshineover] You should be able to tell your therapist all of this. If you can't, find a new therapist.
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
[@628988,sunshineover] you need a new therapist.
Ivonne333 · 36-40, F
Yes. She's supposed to be a professional. Nonjudgmental and there to help you process these feelings.
LunaWolfSoul · 26-30, F
Why would she dislike you? There is nothing wrong with having feelings as long as you don't act on them and cheat on your husband.
LunaWolfSoul · 26-30, F
[@628988,sunshineover] Having an affair is never worth the risk even if your husband doesn't find out. You need to try to convince your husband that you like him as he is and you find him sexually appealing. Also do things that you know turn him on maybe even experiment with new ideas to get him going. Give your relationship a fair chance there is always a solution. But i still think you should get counselling with your husband if all fails.
sunshineover · 41-45, F
[@987077,LunaWolfSoul] oh i am still sexually attracted to my husband. thank god. i recently ordered a vibrator. i’m trying to keep my mind busy. if we do couples therapy it will cost more and i would not be able to go to the same lady who knows everything. she said she knows too much about him and it wouldn’t b fair to him. i love still missing my husband and hugging plus other stuff. he just doesn’t initiate it and i feel i shouldn’t have to all the time.
LunaWolfSoul · 26-30, F
[@628988,sunshineover] I guess the only solution would be for you talk to have a heart to heart conversation with him tell him how his behaviour is affecting you. Maybe you would both reach some kind of solution he may also benefit from daily excercise as he said you could both go for a jog every day hopefully it would help improve the intimacy issues.
HatterM · 46-50, M
Yes, I think so. Their job is to help you not to like you.

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