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Did your parents ever make you stick with an activity that you hated?
Did you learn to love it? Or did you ever drop an activity you in retrospect wished they forced you to stick with? For example, Piano, Football, Dance?
41-45, F
23 replies
Sep 4, 2018
Ecarlate · F
no, they never cared enough to.
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@669401,IAmGrey] to make you stick with it?
Ecarlate · F
[@796035,Trayale] they never even bothered with taking me to activities. even when I asked them to.
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@669401,IAmGrey] Im sorry
SW User
im gonna force my kid to do that. she can quit when she becomes good at it, but not before.
Ecarlate · F
[@692668,mikowee] 🤔
SW User
[@669401,IAmGrey] stuff
Ecarlate · F
[@692668,mikowee] 🤔 ... 🤔 ... what would mikowee make his daughter do... 🤔
ProdigalSummer · 41-45, F
Church. 😐
indyjoe · 51-55, M
I wish my parents would have taken enough interest in me and what I wanted to do to actually be concerned about it.
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@676121,indyjoe] I see..completely. I am the same mom. I have supported so many of their interests but they then eventually say they hate it and want to quite. I make them finish the season..soccor or baseball for example. And then we try something else. But at this point.. I am making them stick with music. It was their idea to begin with and I think it will be good for them.
indyjoe · 51-55, M
[@796035,Trayale] That is the idea I was trying to convey...only you said it in a shorter reply.🤠
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@676121,indyjoe] It's a job requirement for my work.. I get to the meat and potatoes...
Starsof6 · 26-30, F
When I went to school here. They made me join some sport. I didn't want to. But my mom picked swimming. Oh I hated it. But I finally started to like it
SW User
Soccer... it was fun with when young with friends, but after a number of friends either dropped out or moved away, they made me stick with it.. and I wasn't having fun and they made me stick with it for a while.
SW User
Not really
CathyUK · 51-55, F
Yes it was called high school!
No, I loved them all! Wanted more but didn't have time
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