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I Love Finding Funny Pictures

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I found this pic..
Prety accurate.
I can relate to that.
22-25, F
16 replies
Oct 30, 2016
SignedCentaur · 18-21, M
She needs to find someone who would date for personality, not for looks
terarohana · 22-25, F
I guess you re right.. but the kind of guy are not too easy to find.. :)
ScrewThisImDone · 22-25, F
Yep, I'd say I'm in the same boat.
terarohana · 22-25, F
May be ... we need workout..

wooo 😙
LachrymoseLamer · 46-50, M
That's not what it's all about. :)
floatingintheocean · 31-35, F
ron122 · 36-40, M
Your silly, you don't look like that😘
rickoo164 · 51-55, M
come on you don't really look like this funny pic, do you ? Is that a prob for you ...?
Djce45 · 51-55, M
Aww... I'm sure you're fine. There is the right person for everyone.
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
Do you see yourself that way? Not fromyour avatar!
rowena · 26-30, F
[c=#4C0073]Oooh i can sooo relate to that too !![/c]
terarohana · 22-25, F
Indeed.. on the same boat.. :)
Justabitweeb · 31-35, M
Nothing wrong with that. Curvy girls are beautiful too! :)
terarohana · 22-25, F
[@412659,Justabitweeb] yeah.. As long as not to much curvy...😊
Justabitweeb · 31-35, M
[@415962,terarohana] Everyone has different tastes and ideas of what is beautiful. To each their own, but you are super cute too! I mean that with all my heart, just looked at your selfie pictures and my heart melted because I thought you are so pretty! :)
terarohana · 22-25, F
thank you... .. Yeah.. 😳
I love taking selfies...
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I Love Finding Funny Pictures
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I found this pic.. Prety accurate. I can relate t... | I Love Finding Funny Pictures | Similar Worlds