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I Hate Chewing Noises

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They're disgusting!

Camels! You sound like camels! Yes, that's right!

You spit like them to!!
26-30, F
8 replies
Feb 2, 2018
SW User
well, with that insult, now I've really got the hump! lol
Neuroticnelly · 36-40, F
Everyone is annoying when theyre chewing.
bearinthebigbluehouse · 22-25, M
*eats toffee with mouth open* ʕ ᵔᴥᵔʔ
OpenFiresides · 31-35, M
My Mrs has same trouble. Some sort of hearing sensitivity. She was very deaf as a kid due to wax, they finally figured out she was deaf not stupid, removed wax, and since she's had this issue :( always have to wait for TV to come on before we can start eating! Lol
Gumba1000 · M
The law should allow us to slap people whom eat with their mouth open.
badass · 16-17, M
Me too
GeniUs · 51-55, M
but camel toes are ok.
76starships · 41-45, M
Chewing and slurping are horrible. Those noises drive me crazy. Glad I am not the only one.

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I Hate Chewing Noises
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Updated: 2 days ago
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They're disgusting! Camels! You sound like ... | I Hate Chewing Noises | Similar Worlds