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Can someone please explain a pansexual?
Is that another made up BS phrase like non gender binary or whatever the latest crap is.
26 replies
Apr 19, 2019
Bored231 · 18-21, M
From my understanding it basically means they'll bang anybody.
poses · 41-45, M
[@872665,Tiredandlonely] so it's a mental condition to like those of the same sex while dressed of their gender. That's unique, yet really not.
Margarite · 46-50, F
[@713432,Bored231] Everybody loves you when you're pansexual lol
Graylight · F
[@872665,Tiredandlonely] Nope. Not a mental disorder. Not in the medical world and not in the psychological world.
Kacel · C
The simplest way I can explain this. Someone who is attracted to a person regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
[@776187,Kacel] so a Bisexual?
Peaceful · F
Attracted to people they are drawn to. You're ignorance drips with ignorance 😅
[@21448,Peaceful] ok fucktard
Peaceful · F
[@872665,Tiredandlonely] here to help the basics 😌
[@21448,Peaceful] 🖤🤗
It's BS made up phrase.

They just whores and nymphomaniacs who hide behind a label they made up
Dancingxghost · 31-35, M
they love pans weird flex but ok
SW User
Means you should hide your pots and pans when they're around
DearAmbellina2113 · 36-40, F
It just means you're attracted sexually to certain people regardless of gender,identity, or orientation.
Damnit, i thought its a kink about pans
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
Oho! Do I have a treat for you!! Be afraid! Be very afraid!!

1MMMMasculine Homosexual Man
2MMFMasculine Heterosexual Man
3MMAMasculine Bisexual Man
4MFMFeminine Homosexual Man
5MFFFeminine Heterosexual Man
6MFAFeminine Bisexual Man
7MAMAndrogine Homosexual Man
8MAFAndrogine Heterosexual Man
9MAAAndrogine Bisexual Man
10FMMMasculine Heterosexual Woman
11FMFMasculine Homosexual Woman
12FMAMasculine Bisexual Woman
13FFMFeminine Heterosexual Woman
14FFFFeminine Homosexual Woman
15FFAFeminine Bisexual Woman
16FAMAndrogine Heterosexual Woman
17FAFAndrogine Homosexual Woman
18FAAAndrogine Bisexual Woman
19AMMMMasculine Homosexual Andromale
20AFMMMasculine Heterosexual Androfemale
21HAMMMasculine Male-Attracted Androdite
22HMMMMasculine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
23HFMMMasculine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
24AMMFMasculine Heterosexual Andromale
25AFMFMasculine Homosexual Androfemale
26HAMFMasculine Female-Attracted Androdite
27HMMFMasculine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
28HFMFMasculine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
29AMMAMasculine Bisexual Andromale
30AFMFMasculine Bisexual Androfemale
31HAMFMasculine Bisexual Androdite
32HMMFMasculine Bisexual Hermaphromale
33HFMFMasculine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
34AMFMFeminine Homosexual Andromale
35AFFMFeminine Heterosexual Androfemale
36HAFMFeminine Male-Attracted Androdite
37HMFMFeminine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
38HFFMFeminine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
39AMFFFeminine Heterosexual Andromale
40AFFFFeminine Homosexual Androfemale
41HAFFFeminine Female-Attracted Androdite
42HMFFFeminine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
43HFFFFeminine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
44AMFAFeminine Bisexual Andromale
45AFFAFeminine Bisexual Androfemale
46HAFAFeminine Bisexual Androdite
47HMFAFeminine Bisexual Hermaphromale
48HFFAFeminine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
49AMAMAndrogine Homosexual Andromale
50AFAMAndrogine Heterosexual Androfemale
51HAAMAndrogine Male-Attracted Androdite
52HMAMAndrogine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
53HFAMAndrogine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
54AMAFAndrogine Heterosexual Andromale
55AFAFAndrogine Homosexual Androfemale
56HAAFAndrogine Female-Attracted Androdite
57HMAFAndrogine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
58HFAFAndrogine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
59AMAAAndrogine Bisexual Andromale
60AFAAAndrogine Bisexual Androfemale
61HAAAAndrogine Bisexual Androdite
62HMAAAndrogine Bisexual Hermaphromale
63HFAAAndrogine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
ReneeT · 56-60, M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] Love it Eugenie. Hope you're doing well
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
[@91967,ReneeT] You are included in none of those, Renée as you are completely unique!!
ReneeT · 56-60, M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] I appreciate that Eugenie.🤗
Megan82 · F
Another homophobic troll

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