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how tf can someone who belongs to lgbt still believe in god?
i mean Your god wants to let u burn in hell for eternity 馃槄
18-21, M
34 replies
Oct 6, 2017
SW User
Right! It's all bull.
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
It's like having a friend who routinely says he'll kill every single soccer fan that he sees, when you are visiting to ask him for a game of soccer.
SW User
A truly Christian God doesn't judge
Grow up
Hassan18-21, M
[@571337,Literaturegirl] yes he do
dumpstermeow36-40, F
That's not their god. Their god is cool.
Hassan18-21, M
[@492592,dumpstermeow] gd news i don't have one馃馃徎
dumpstermeow36-40, F
[@396490,Onlyavampirecanloveu4ever] that is good news
Hassan18-21, M
celine21118-21, F
Maybe because he/she dose believe in God but is not willing to follow his rules and accepts that he/she will go to hell because right now on this earth hell is just merely an idea
Socialclutz31-35, M
They don鈥檛 accept that part and gloss over it saying it鈥檚 not clear in context. Silly idiots don鈥檛 get that they鈥檒l never be acceptable in society and that ppl really will never respect them. I could go on but I鈥檒l stop at that truth. It might to much for them to bare.
cereal18-21, F
[@354840,Socialclutz] What? What does that even mean? Nice strawman, but I live in a densely Republican area and I've lived in a country where homosexuality is illegal, so...
Socialclutz31-35, M
Whatever you say cupcake.
cereal18-21, F
[@354840,Socialclutz] Aw, thank you for trying to patronize me to make up for your lack of a sound argument, babe!

NaturalBeautyQueen36-40, F
It is not God, that鈥檚 the problem. It is those to tell people of the LGBT community 鈥測ou are going to burn in hell for all eternity鈥. There are so many interpretations from people who have read the Bible. But at the end of the day, if someone is telling another human being 鈥測ou are going to burn in hell for all eternity鈥, then the person saying that will have to answer to God. Because they are judging and the Bible says 鈥渏udge thee lest be judged鈥. Whether you believe in God or not, or support LGBT or not, it is not your place to play God.
Greenbare70-79, M
When someone chooses to be LGBTZ they are choosing to give up all normal moral values and that includes religious values.
cereal18-21, F
When you made that comment you chose to give up all moral values too.
LucyRocks22-25, F
There are black Mormons. That's a true puzzler, as God is said to have assigned skin colour in keeping with whom he loves or hates.
Marmaduke46-50, M
There are as many different versions of god as there are people who believe in god. Not every god is homophobic.

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