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What do you do when....

I watched him look at me, smike and look away at the lunch table at work.
I thought, 🤔 new co worker, hes handsome, hes tall, hes kind, hes funny..yeah hes cute.
Next day, same thing..i was surely blushing by last hour break.
To think this guy was actually interested in me...wow what a joy!
Day three i go over to his table near the condiments, pick up a spoon for my puddibg, in hopes i might catch his gaze upon me..unfortunately, he looked in tge directions of my table i wouldve sat in, only to SMILE at HER, and look away. She didnt even notice. Sad, i walked back to my spot, ate my lunch and was so sad tge rest of my work week.
The weekend came, i had few staples at the markwt to get, in the milk isle however, this same co worker nodded at me, his smile so bright, cheerful, i melt everytime i see it!
Then he walked by me says, hey, we work together, right?
I was heart racing, hands shaking, uh huh i noded.. he says here is my number, you set a lot by her can u pass it along. Tganks, anotger flashy smile ☺ and he hands me a number jotted down. He checked out of tge store as i started to check him out..ugh..why does it always happen to me?
The guys i fall for are oblivious to me...
So i gave her his number at work, she i guess called him now theyre goung steady. Sux to be 😔 me
JamesBugman · 56-60, T
Never date beautiful people, they always have someone on the go, and future prospects. Fun to play with, but not keepers.

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