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Passive aggressive behaviour at work.

There is a couple at work, when I started back in November this particular female colleague barely spoke to me.
I was still getting to know everyone and just assumed it was because I was new.
I learned that she was he mental health first aider and had worked there for a number of years.

When a guy started working there I tried to be polite friendly and make him feel included. I didn't realise that he had worked there before, noone had mentioned this to me before.
He is also her boyfriend.
On a few occasions I complimented his cardigans and wolly hats simply because they were quirky and I'm into kniiting.
I hadn't noticed initially that she was upset with me until one morning I said good morning to her and she completely ignored me.
I then kept a closer eye on her.
Anyways I got a intimidating vibe from her like she was trying to make me feel uncomfortable so I asked another member of staff if he and she were a thing only because that lunch time they left together and they're from different departments.

He told me yes and I asked if I come across as being flirty and he said no you are friendly and it's a welcomed change to the studio.
He asked why and I explained.
He then said
"Don't let her possessive behaviour change you being you."

I've noticed that she's all over my puppy and curious to know how much he costs when Ive brought him to the pub, which I think is rather cheeky. And I haven't given a clear response.
But she's odd with me.

Today I was wearing my new trainers and a colour coordinated outfit I had compliments from a few people.(not that it mattered to me) Anyways she was putting up a display in the breakout space near my desk but behind a wall whilst I was watering some plants. Every time I looked her way she would flick her hair and looked away so I smiled and just finished up what I was doing.

Anyways I was reading and article about a stab victim at lunch and she and the guy were leaving to go out, just as they past the wall I gasped and put my hand to my mouth (he was 17 years old).

They looked at me but I continued reading.

Upon their return from lunch a colleague had left the door open for them and she was saying how cold it was, so I said it's freezing we're going to have to start shutting the door.

The guy turned to walk back to close the door but the gf grabbed his arm and pulled him along.

So I immediately sent an email reminding staff to close the door when they come back in.
Due to season change.

I did get one response jokingly saying that they were shocked I was cold, but I joked back that a storm was due which was their favourite weather...

Either way I don't like the bitchiness from her.

It's been a strange week really. I've been too lazy to do my hair so instead I've been wearing a scarf. It's actually funny being a person of colour some people have actually avoided talking to me where they usually do whilst others have been intrigued to see how ill style it the next day.

The people that have avoided me, include her.
4meAndyou · F
You don't like the way she acts toward you, and she doesn't like YOU. So...time for complete avoidance.
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