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How's your day going so far?

Work has been slow lately, so I've been tearing down heat pumps. When someone gets a new one, we remove the old one. The other guys just dump them at the shop, and I've been working on that all day. It's very hot outside, and my glasses are constantly getting sweat on them. It's been pretty miserable.

The local recycling company dropped off a big dumpster for scrap metal, and I've already loaded it down. The only thing that doesn't go in the dumpster is the copper. I put it inside, and eventually my boss will send me to the recycling center with it. I don't know the current price for copper right now, but we have a mountain of it. I guess he's waiting on the value to rise again.

Anyhow, I'm more than ready for colder weather.
ArishMell · 70-79, M
One of my last tasks before I retired was similar.

The company was replacing all the 4-tube flourescent lamp fittings in the suspended ceilings with l.e.d. types, and I spent days separating them: the sealed lead-acid batteries from the emergency-light versions in one crate, all the tubes in another, all the electronics in a third; the steel cases, aluminium diffusers and remaining wires in the general scrap-metal skip.

That was to help the company, which was seeking ISO14000 Accreditation as well as being legally squeaky-clean, conform to the regulations under the EU's Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive. The scrap company that collected the stuff would have sent it on to the appropriate refiners, so this made their work far easier.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
Woke up, got greeted by the dog, having coffee. That's pretty much it, so far.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
@TommyNoir Not bad -- got some work done in the yard despite the heat and humidity -- but not too much. Too much and I end up in the hospital with my heart. ;)
TommyNoir · 31-35, M
@ChipmunkErnie I can tell that it's starting to cool down. It's still hot, but I can see the light approaching.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
@TommyNoir Only supposed to be near 80º today -- but had heavy thunderstorms this morning and everything is soaked.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
This morning me and my friend took my husband truck to get the back window replaced since he busted it out the other day. We then went to Walmart and got groceries and my mom wanted to print out some pictures and she wanted me to drop off a couple packages to the UPS place. After all of that his truck was done so we took it back to my husband.
I could look for a link for these glasses cinches, if you want. supposed to help keep them on and in place. comes up in my Instagram feed all the time.
TommyNoir · 31-35, M
@stound That would be great. Thank you! I have a new pair of glasses on the way, and I'm pretty excited. The frame is blue (they call it peacock), and the lenses transition to an amber color when in the sunlight.
@TommyNoir this is similar, you'll need to measure to get a fit.
don't let the creeps, druggies and weirdos in your neighborhood know you have all that'll be gone in no time
TommyNoir · 31-35, M
@beermeplease Luckily, it's all inside now. I also run a screw into a specific spot in the copper, so the guys at the recycling center will know if it's been stolen from us. If it comes up missing, we give them a call. There is another recycling center about thirty miles away, but I doubt they'd go there.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
Selling it by the ton gets him the most money
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