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5 teachers have quit...I feel like leaving next

Nothing but chaos with students and management.

Anytime I ask a question (electronically) from my manager, I have to wait all day or days for a response, meanwhile, I see said person in the halls all the time on the work laptop.
(Never has time to answer questions verbally, or doesn't know)

We are supposed to meet on a weekly basis to sit and talk about what's going on; my issues etc.

It keeps getting postponed, which means I go so long without help that I need, without my questions being answered.

So...what I am doing now, is typing up all my issues, (which I have already asked) so that when I am asked by higher ups, why I haven't done xyz, I'll have the answer.

I've asked REPEATEDLY, and here's proof.

I want it all on one page so I can print it out for my own records.

Back to indeed I go
SnowBlack · F
Apply to be his/her replacement.
tallpowerhouseblonde · 31-35, F
Copy in the said managers boss when you ask questions by email.It speeds up response time very effectively,especially as emails are time and date stamped.
You can also ask on email why they just don't tell you verbally when you see them as it is so much quicker.
Also include a mark as read so you know when your manager reads your emails.These actions will apply pressure on your manager to put in a better performance.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@1613,tallpowerhouseblonde] I'm trying not add go above as that doesn't go over well. I tried using mark as read, on previous job as well. I was asked to remove it. I'll just remove myself and work elsewhere. All they care about is numbers
tallpowerhouseblonde · 31-35, F
[@467302,iamnikki] It does not go over well because it holds them accountable.Same when you use mark as read because it is evidence that your mail has been read.A delay between reading and replying can be specifically seen.When asked why they will not have an answer and the matter is promptly hung round their neck.Your manager knows this and does not want it to take place.So they tell you not to do it.
Better to use email tools than leave your job through poor performance of others.Stuff what they like.Do it anyway and if there are objections ask why they don't like it.You can be sure any reason given benefits them while removing your ability to hold your manager accountable for poor performance.
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
Sounds like no one cares.what does management do all day? You must be so frustrated.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@438210,Eddiesolds] no clue
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
Work places can be shitty alright.
RedPowerRangerThe2nd · 31-35, M
Have asked them if they've had time to look at your questions? They maybe so overwhelmed with other things that they don't have time to look into every concern but you can bring it to their attention when possible.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@1227340,RedPowerRangerThe2nd] yes, it's not my fault. Ad I stated, our meetings are on Monday. It has been pushed to Friday. Not my fault. I have work to do as well.
RedPowerRangerThe2nd · 31-35, M
[@467302,iamnikki] Yes I get that but perhaps trying to ease the pressure on each is more beneficial than adding more stress. However if you have asked and you're still being ignored then it's time to put your foot down

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