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I'm definitely getting over Amber now...

I let my two assistants go home an hour early today, but after Amber left, Bryanna stayed a little longer to talk to me about her. She told me HR called her today asking about Amber, like they did with me, and pretty much shared my sentiments about the whole thing: that she doesn't see Amber sticking around for much longer. I shared everything that HR told me when they had called earlier: that she's been asking them about new positions opening up and seems like she's itching to leave us. Then Bryanna shared some things about Amber that I didn't even know. That when Amber's falling behind on some of her tasks, Bryanna will pick up the slack for her and that Amber gets mad at her about it! I was really surprised by this because they both seem to get along and work well together. Bryanna said that they [b]do[/b] get along, so it's weird that she behaves that way. We both agreed that the stuff she pulls seems so out-of-character for her considering how decent she always is.

It seems like Amber's just not all that mature and hasn't really learned to own up when she falls short. I hate to even talk bad about her like that, but it really seems to be the case. I don't know what could be going on in her mind, what could be so bad to her about working here... She can't say she has bad work environment. I mean, I frickin' let her out an hour early today. But seriously, I've given her lots of passes for her bad screw-ups and have stood up for her plenty of times. She can't say we don't got her back. Hell, Bryanna said she never told me the stuff she just did about her because she didn't want to get her in hot water with me. The actual work in this job may get really stressful sometimes, but we're not bad people to work with. Yet Amber seems so adamant on treating us like we are and I'm pretty sick of it.

Like I said in my earlier post, if she wants to leave that badly, I'm willing to just let her go. Short of firing her, it's going to be a bit of a process, I'm sure. As fed up as I am, I don't want it to have to come to that. I don't think she deserves to be fired, but I also think she just might not be cut out to work here. We'll just see what happens next week or so, but I'm pretty over this and ready to wish Amber all the best on her way out.

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