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What diet can I do to get skinny?

I have done a calorie diet in the past and it worked very well in terms of me losing weight fast but I had to take laxatives weekly because it slowed my body down. I ended up gaining all the weight and some more back after the calorie diet. I have since tried plant-based diets, paleo, and more calorie diets and with some of them, I'll lose like a couple of pounds before not losing anymore and quitting it because it is not going well. Please give me some recommendations, I want to get skinny like how I used to be but I want it to be sustainable.
WonderGirl · 41-45, F
Try not to eat any processed foods.
Liamiam · 51-55, M
My friend lost a hundred pounds once . I asked were you on a diet and he said yes . I inquired and he responded, I just put things in my mouth and if they taste good ,I spit them out again ..
Yup 🤷‍♂️ @WonderGirl
redredred · M
Eat less, move more. There’s no magic involved in weight loss.
Monanorth · 31-35, F
Don’t diet diets don’t work you end up Gaining it back or more than you were just eat smaller portions rather than cut out
ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
Truth is eat less. I don't mean to advocate unhealthy diets. But I only eat once a day. And I did that the whole year. I was 140 2 years ago. Then went down to 125. And then 118 rn. But now I feel unhealthy so I'm eating more again. I think it's because I'm eating more sandwiches because I work at one. But I'll only eat lettuce wraps. No bread. Cut that out and dairy.
LostGuy · 22-25, M
Eat less and healthy, cut down fast food and sweet beverages, sweets as much as possible, do workout (imo best is running and swimming) and get good sleep. No need to follow some fancy, unrealistic, diet plans almost none of them actually work. You are almost certainly gonna relapse and after that you are gonna gain more weight as a result.
Torsten · 31-35, M
diets dont work overall. A lifestyle change is what should be more applied. Eat food you enjoy but smaller portions at breakfast, lunch and dinner. No snack foods though except for maybe a bit of fruit and always drink plenty of water. Get the sugary crap out of your life.
Exercise daily at least for a hour. Even something simple as walking.
candycane · 31-35, F
Stop all sodas and sugar
angie8819 · 56-60, F
Go walking or swimming
Anon066 · 31-35, M
Whatever diet allows you to consume less calories as easily as possible. There's no way to predict what diet will work best for you, it's just trial and error.
Bushranger · 61-69, M
It's about balance. Eat less, eat healthy and exercise more. Make all of that your dairy routine and you should see some benefits.
alongalone · M
Pick a time of 6 or 8 hours that you only eat then.
Monanorth · 31-35, F
Instead of soda have diet soda
Catzgano · 26-30, F
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
Try a Mediterranean diet. You need something long term. I don't like the term diet, as it usually conjures up images of crash diets. I prefer lifestyle.

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