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I Gave Up World of Warcraft

Because the game is designed to work with others that are just as annoying as I are.
FaeLuna · 31-35, F
I tried the free trial many years ago, thought the world was wonderful (loved the other warcraft games), enjoyed the gameplay parts of it, but just didn't like having other players in it.

I got invited to a group to do a low level quest, then kicked out when I didn't know how to answer a question that was more acronyms than words. Like, really, people? You're in a low-level area and are surprised when you run into new players that don't know how to play? Get a life.
xixgun · M
I detest games that require I interact with others.
I play Fallout 4 and ignore every mission, every story; and kill anything that moves (except the deer, I don't know what moron thought deer are especially aggressive).
I never started it, because I would've become addicted lol
@Nomorecupcakesplz yes it does!😝
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
@SW-User I have a rule that I can only play a game for a couple hour's everyday. I may play a little longer if I don't have anything else to do
@smileylovesgaming good thinking!
Bagalamaga · 56-60, M
I know people who earn money playing that game.i heard blizzard changed something about the in-game currency to get rid of that aspect
midnightsun · 26-30, M
Well I play dota2 everyday and somehow I end up with only one toxic game out of ten
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
I remember the original 3 Warcraft game's. I was hook on them

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