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I Play League Of Legends

It really annoys me when people argue over a role (most often mid) and refuse to back down so they both instalock midlaners and refuse to compromise.
In those occasions, I usually dodge, but lately I would write to them that I want the same role and instalock a champion that is obviously designed only for that role and none other. I mean, if I'm going to dodge anyway, I might as well try to make those two dodge instead. I don't mind waiting for 5 minutes if I have to, but I'd rather someone else does the waiting, if you know what I mean. ^_^
This sounds like it happened in blind pick. I refuse to play blind pick because of this reason. Lol.
themanoflegends · 31-35, M
Yup. Blind picks all the way. Though it has happened in solo queue too.
so true i hate when pl
ayers autolock

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