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Need some suggestion on game console

Does it still worth to buy a used jailbreak ps4 with plenty of top tier game included within or a new xbox series S for the same price.The latest game on xbox is really expensive unless subscribe to game pass which also cost alot in long term.The used ps4 comes with all my fav game free inside but console already close to decade even though is in good condition.
looping · 18-21
it depends on you. do you want to play new games that are being released, or are you content with the ps4 library?

keep in mind if you choose to buy the xbox and pay for game pass, then you don't own the games you're playing. unlike with the ps4 wherein which you'll own all of your favourite games.

another thing to consider is more games get released for other consoles. xbox is really behind on games and has been for years now. plus a lot of the console exclusives are coming to other platforms in the future i believe. so personally i would buy the jailbroken ps4.
UsernameAlreadyInUse · 26-30, M
@looping the jb ps4 included within storage all my fav AAA list game like GOW,Tekken grandtourismo and so many other so bad it internal is hdd,which i deduce it suppose reach end of life spend after close to 10 years since it manufacture,the series S library really like you said is less appealing compare to PS platform however the instant resume feature and much more reliable solid state driver from series s caught me in dilemma and the console is brand new with warranty.
OverTheHill · 56-60, M
I left consoles behind and do all my gaming via my computer. So many options.

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