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The great KOG revealed ......馃憖馃憖

@LordShadowfire went to the VERY depths of Hell itself (also know as AI), to seek out the Fearsome Kog And has delivered to the HOOMANS Of SW . KOG in the digital Flesh ...

Feast your weary droopy from lack of sleep puny eyes....

Annnd the saga thus continues ....
Very funny how his dong is blurred out. 馃槅
@MsSwan I actually just generated a picture of a giant gorilla, then created a fake pixelated hog hanging down, lol.
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

I actually thought that you instructed AI to do that so it could be posted public ...
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

Who knew KOG had offspring ...

Big question?? .. Who here on SW is the other parent ???
@BobbyMoeven @MsSwan I think we all know. 馃グ
@SW-User 馃憖
BobbyMoeven51-55, M
I love how a couple of responses here think I am completely high , when I am just completely warped ...

Although I am totally for both being high or not .. Choice is yours to make ...
Hahaha. Kog wears goofy loin cloth!
GuiltyBiStander31-35, F
Thank god.

I was worried about another yard worker strike -

That one has me blocked. I returned the favor on all its accounts.
Happy to do my part. Hail Kog!

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