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Has anyone here seen the new Tesla Cybertruck?

It kind of looks like something out of an 80's Sci-Fi movie 馃ぃ...
Spokeskitties7546-50, M
The reason it looks that way is the metal is extremely hard... it would cost too much and ruin the integrity of the metal to bend it. But you can hit it with a sledge hammer
I watched the botched introduction. Hilarious. In theory, it's a very powerful truck, and the price seems right.
Sure did. Love those unbreakable windows

@MrBlueGuy Wow 馃槀
Yes and heard the news on it - already a flop.
And its broken windows.
Spokeskitties7546-50, M
@SW-User haha... that was funny
@Spokeskitties75 It was, however if someone gives me one, I won鈥檛 say no.
Wraithorn51-55, M
I don't like either. It looks like something that was designed in an hour by a young kid with a basic knowledge of design.
Seriously though if someone put lights on the bottom of it they could Tron the shit out of it!
@MrBlueGuy Yeah! 馃槀
Spokeskitties7546-50, M
Yeah... I鈥檝e watched reviews. I鈥檒l hold out judgement until I see it in person
Straylight31-35, F
It looks like it's from a 90's racing game.
@Straylight Yeah, some kind of early 3D game with the blocky graphics.
firefall61-69, M
more like a trash-60s SF movie, really

Ugly, yet stupid.
Marty Mcfly ..? Is that you in there ? 馃摻
@SW-User 馃槅
marmar100+, M
Ugliest car ever
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It's from Mars.

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