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Im unlucky?

Sometimes i feel like the unluckyest charm maybe i am?
So as a short idea its twice this week since our car broke the first time was because of some thing at the motor and in the next one was becauswe a women bumped into us when we left the parking lot now my dad is probably at the police station and im in the car trying to be positive or not to tear up since my stress is getting worse each time someting bad happens.This is much worse sometimes im wondering what we did nothing wrong and im stressed and im shaking
I dont want to lose our car its part of the family i know nothing corelate with what im saying and most of you prob didnt understand any of this
I hope that everything will get better
Don't worry. Things will work themselves out and everything will be ok 馃檪
Cosmicmicrowave18-21, M
I hope things get better for you
Ale000116-17, F
@Cosmicmicrowave i hope too, thanks
Cosmicmicrowave18-21, M
@Ale0001 you need to talk about anything I am your man, wow I have really offered this a lot lol
Ale000116-17, F
@Cosmicmicrowave Naa i dont really want to vent to ppl i havent seen their faces yet.Feels like a ped0 threat .Sorry but im still going to post here and you can comment if you feel like itt
Sidewinder36-40, M
If you think you're unlucky, I know a guy who's luck tends to come and go every other year.
Ale000116-17, F
@Sidewinder last year was worst then this one but i fr think that im getting better but i hope that things may go better for him
Sidewinder36-40, M
@Ale0001 The person I was referring to is me. For as long as I can remember, bad luck has oftentimes happened to me on even-numbered years.
Ale000116-17, F
@Sidewinder Things will get better in time:)
Ale000116-17, F

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