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Ever had to break into your own car? Did the cops happen to cruise by at that moment?

ArishMell · 70-79, M
Yes, twice, same vehicle; and no they didn't!

It was bizarre.

My car was a rear-engined VW Transporter-based caravanette, and some previous owner had had the tiny inspection hatch in the rear parcel shelf enlarged to nearly the size of the whole shelf. The new hatch was fitted with a properly-made frame, and held down with four knurled thumb-screws.

Preparing to return home after a weekend away, I accidentally locked myself out of it, the keys hanging from the ignition-lock.

Luckily the exterior engine hatch was not locked....

Borrowing a pair of pliers, I slowly and carefully unscrewed the inspection-cover screws from beneath. Then pushed the entire cover and all the rammel piled on it, over into the back seat.

I could then crawl in over the engine and up through the hatchway, into the car.....


Blow me if I didn't go and do the same thing again a few weeks later, though this time at home!
No. Thankfully. Almost once, but I left a spare key with my mom. So I called her to help me out. (She lost the key, so I’m especially careful lately.)
Musicman · 61-69, M
When I was in my mid 20's I had a Corvette. I went to the Mall one day and accidentally locked my keys in the car. I called my dad and he brought a slim Jim over. We tried for 45 minutes to unlock the door. I remember counting. Mall Security drove by 15 times and the local Police 3 times. Not once did anyone ever ask us what we were doing. Finally we had to call a professional to get us in the car.
@Musicman Took more than 30 seconds, they knew you guys weren't pros.😆

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