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Do you enjoy thrilling rides like rollercoasters?

The last time I went to a theme park; was for my honeymoon about six, years ago however; I was four months pregnant with my son Aiden. We went to Disney World, and it truly is a magical place. I enjoyed going despite being pregnant, there was still a lot I could do, but roller coasters were something that I was not allowed to do, which was fine because I have never been too crazy about roller coasters. If someone had to stay behind I would volunteer. That is not to say that I never went on roller coasters, however, they were not my favorite things to do at a theme park.

I do like some roller coasters, but there are some that I refuse to go on. If your legs hang off the ride, then I will not go on the ride, I do not like feeling secure and having a place to put my feet down and feel grounded. If the ride goes upside down, then I will not go on that ride either, but those are the only two real reasons why there is no way in hell I would get on the ride.

If there is a solid place to put my feet on, and the ride does not go upside down, then I will at least give the roller coaster a try, at least once. I will always at least give the ride one chance. I may not repeat the ride but I will at least try.

There is some kind of freedom in riding a roller coaster. It can raise your adrenaline so high that you can not focus on anything else. All you can focus on is breathing. Sometimes I think riding a roller coaster over and over can change someone's mood, it can calm their anxiety.

So while riding roller coasters are not my favorite things to do at a theme park, or amusement park, it is something that I would not completely exclude myself from riding the roller coaster.

How about you? Do you like riding roller coasters?
Repete · 61-69, M
I grew up with a dad that did not trust carnival rides and it was very hard to convince him to let us go on many of the popular rides but on very rare times had a chance. Not sure if that had a lot to do with it but I’m not an adventurous person when it comes to rides.
My daughter convinced me to try a rollercoaster ride it wasn’t a really big one but it was big to me. I have now been on 3 rollercoasters and no I am still not a fan of them.
Honestly I've never been a fan of roller coasters.. I don't really trust them.
I've only been on one that was large, at great adventure in New Jersey i think. It was exciting but not enjoyable. I just didn't feel comfortable with the ups and downs and curves. My body didn't like it if that makes sense..
Like I said, it was a pretty big ride but i never rode one again afterwards.
I liked them when I was younger.
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I love them.

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