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How do you strike a healthy balance between couples that need to juggle between kids, their jobs, and their relationship?

How do you strike a healthy balance between couples that need to juggle between kids, their jobs, and their relationship? Do you need to find a way of creating it?
Is it normal for someone who isn’t very emotional/sensitive/able-to-cry easily, yet cries whenever he sees others crying uncontrollably? If not, why does this happen?
When did you realize a lot of men are sensitive to the point they’ll block you just for the slightest bit of criticism? I am a woman and I get that us women are sensitive but when I meet men like that it’s kinda sad and bewildering.
What are your thoughts on teachers dating former students after they graduate and reach legal adulthood, even though there is an age difference between them?
How can you get your ex back from another person who is manipulating him/her emotionally?
How would you feel if your family exploited you for their own needs and not caring about yours?
How come the way I envision myself acting around others and the way I actually act around others are two different ways? How do I align my actual behavior with the way I see myself in my mind?
How do you strike a good balance in relationships that are more regular, relationships, clubs, friends of friends, neighbors?
Got set up with my friend’s boyfriend’s best friend but I don’t like him. How do I politely stop talking to him without risking ruining any friendships?
The pain is too heavy to cope with. How can I learn to forgive myself with my therapist? I regret everything in life.
If you're a professional actor, can you tell whether or not other people are being fake and insincere (in other words, if they are acting themselves)?
Do people that spy on me get mad when I suddenly act out of character?
What’s it like when your family has passed on or lives a long way away and you have a medical emergency and go through it all by yourself (for whatever reason, maybe you just moved to a new area)?
My boyfriend invited me over but he wants me to leave before his friends come over and I feel like something isn't right. What should I do?
How do I ask my boss to let me go to this event? I have something I wanna do in March and my boss told me I can’t ask her till February, but I need to know so that I can plan things out.
Do you think that movies based on historical events are generally more realistic than those based solely upon imagination/fiction? Why or why not?
How can I get a girlfriend soon? I am a shy person and haven't been in a relationship before but would like to start. I am 19.
Philosophy of gift giving: How would you react if your family members told you the gifts you gave were not good enough and told you that you don't care about them because you give bad gifts how would you react?

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