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What are the emotions and thoughts that go through a runner when they run from their twin flame?

Have you ever encountered a situation where someone needed to be rescued while hiking? What happened? Did you call out for help and did you send help their way? My boyfriend forced me to make a promise to him that I’m never going to leave him even if we’re going to have big problems between us. What do I do?
My boyfriend are both bad conversationalists so we don't have many long conversations but we enjoy each other's company and love to scroll online together. Is this okay?
Can you share a story from your own life where you had to defend your decisions and face criticism from others? How did you handle it?
What is the best way to deal with people who are living in denial about your situation?
How do you know if something is a sign of self sabotage or intuition? Is there a way to tell which it is without knowing what’s good for you vs. bad for you in advance?
Why do I feel like I don’t have a right to be depressed and I don't have a right to deceive myself and to let myself sink and let myself go down a dark path when my life was extremely easy?
How much leftover turkey do you usually have after Thanksgiving dinner? Can you freeze turkey?
How has modern technology helped improve baseball and/or football?
Do twins always end up together? Is it possible for one of them to be married but still chase after their true other half, their soulmate (their twin)?
Discarded by boyfriend because of outbursts and leaving the relationship twice, then changing my mind. Do you think that a partner should be a bit more understanding and set boundaries to respect before discarding me? I don't do this on purpose.
How can you stop yourself from talking too much without sounding rude or making others feel bad?
If my husband moved out because we need a time out time, we didn’t file separation nor divorce yet, but he’s seeing another woman, does that count as cheating?
What would you do if a restaurant overcooked your food on purpose, would you speak up about it?
What would life be like if you were immortal but could not stop aging? How would you cope with that situation mentally, emotionally, and psychologically?
Why do people OCD have to constantly say that they’re kidding when they make a joke or apologize for tiny little things I’m getting really annoyed with it is there anyway to get them to calm down a little bit?
What is your favorite quote that someone said in their lifetime? Why do you like it so much and how much personal weight does it carry into your own life?
What are some things you love and dislike about your country? Do you feel like these things happen more in your country than in others?
How can one break free from the pressure of constantly expecting things to be perfect?
Why am I still so hurt about our break up even though we are back together? I cry & shut down emotionally and seclude myself into my usual bubble and go back into my own bubble when I’m reminded of it.
What strategies can I use to survive the next 5 to 8 years while fulfilling my basic need as selfthought progammer? I'm seeking life advice for the next 5 years to find my soul and live a guilt-free life.
What is your opinion on blocking someone if they have done nothing wrong but if they're just not right for you and/or you don't feel like talking to them at the moment?
What goes through your head when a really attractive person gives you great eye contact? Do you think they are trying to communicate to you that they find you attractive? How can you tell the difference between someone being nice verses interested?
Why am I aging badly when the women in my family age well? I am currently 22 and three people have said I look 40. I don’t smoke or anything, what is wrong?
There’s a gal with a dog at work who is constantly playing with her dog in a bubbly, energetic way. She comes to our side of the office. I always see her glancing over at me and her dogs toys always end up by me. Is she trying to get my attention?
If you have not opened up to your therapist after seeing her for a while, how will she react?
Twin flames can be the absolute BEST and bring out a dynamic you never knew could ever exist between people two puzzle pieces magiscally fitting together.

But then ...they can also absolutely DESTROY each other and crush them to dust.

What goes through a runners mind when they run from a twin flame ?
Nothing and everything - it's just a head full of chaos you can't accept ....but have to .

For me - it tore me to pieces .
I have never loved and hated someone at the same time, EVER in my life .

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